Current Co-Investments

Flotilla partners

Year Invested: 2024
Headquarters: Tampa, Florida

Flotilla Partners is a leading provider of repair, replacement, maintenance, and testing services to residential and commercial water treatment systems. Flotilla’s core service offering includes a comprehensive suite of services provided across water filtration, water softening, well water pumps and filtration, commercial water, and hot water systems, as well as leaking water repair services. The Company has executed 5 acquisitions to date, with plans to expand across Florida and the Southeast.

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Year Invested: 2023
Headquarters: Denver, Colorado


TENDIT Group is a leading provider of exterior facility services headquartered in Denver, Colorado. Their comprehensive service offerings along with a highly experienced leadership team are what Hall believes to be the main drivers for growth & profitability.

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Revelation Pharma Corporation

Year Invested: 2023
Headquarters: Castle Rock, Colorado


Revelation pharma is a national network of 503a and 503b compounding pharmacies providing innovative and quality pharmacy preparations and services through “industry best” patient care and solutions for customers.

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Forward Solutions

Year Invested: 2021
Headquarters: Hershey, Pennsylvania


Forward Solutions is a customer- centric company focused on providing advanced services for evolving markets. Their portfolio includes Avision, Curate, Integrated Access Corporation™, OneSolution™, RelyPak™, and StruXur™ which provide outsourced sales, marketing, customer support, and data analytics for manufacturers who want to grow their businesses more effectively. The collective divisions of Forward Solutions offer a variety of products through distribution to schools, hospitals, restaurants, commercial businesses, office buildings, manufacturing plants, contractors, utilities, and more.

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Current Portfolio Companies

Advantage Industries

Year Invested: 2022
Headquarters: Deerfield Beach, Florida


Advantage Industries has been in business for 18 years providing top quality and innovative gate hardware with a very high emphasis on quality control for our customers. Our products are easy to install and built to last.

Add-On Criteria
Advantage is currently seeking add on opportunities that both enhance and improve product offerings geographic footprint. We are pursuing add-ons with a minimum adjusted EBITA of 500k or greater.

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Successful Divestitures

American Vascular Associates

Year Invested: 2020
Headquarters: Palm Harbor, Florida


American Vascular is the nation’s 4th largest network of vascular labs and management services. Their growing family of lab locations transforms/handles everything from site design & development, to complex management services to unique financial partner relationships that are specific to our physician partners/owners.

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Blue River PetCare

Year Invested: 2009
Headquarters: Chicago, Illinois


Blue River PetCare is a nationwide community of business and veterinary professionals. They have a mission to provide a long-term home for veterinary practices to continue to grow and thrive, and a welcoming environment that encourages career growth and development for their team members across the country.

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Special Data Processing Corporation

Year Invested: 1984
Headquarters: Clearwater, Florida


Built with a team of young, creative professionals, SDP specialized in a wide range of tailormade and cost-efficient customer acquisition programs for magazine subscriptions, AT&T products, and consumer membership programs. SDP’s 200,000 sqft state of the art call center housing its 3800 dedicated employees, including 500 home agents, was head quartered in Clearwater, Florida. SDP was sold to Private Equity group William Stein & Partners based in Chicago in 1999.

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Active Relationships

American Coastal Insurance

Year Invested: 2007
Headquarters: St. Petersburg, Florida


American Coastal Insurance Corporation (formerly known as United Insurance Holdings Corp.), is a property and casualty insurance holding company that sources, writes and services residential, commercial and personal property and casualty insurance policies using a network of agents and two wholly-owned insurance subsidiaries: Interboro Insurance Company (acquired via merger on April 29, 2016); and American Coastal Insurance Company (acquired via merger on April 3, 2017).

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